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By Dave Chamberlain, New City, October 8, 1998

Rock Tip Of The Week / Recommended

So this local record guy Thomas Dunning had some adolescent crush on Kate Bush when he was 13, and the fixation lived in his head for so long that some eighteen years later, he collected all his friends from Chicago's burgeoning pop music scene and got them to cover Kate Bush songs. The result: "I WANNA BE KATE: The Songs of Kate Bush" (Brown Star), a tribute album boasting the likes of the Aluminum Group, Baltimores, J Davis Trio, Nora O'Connor and Susan Voelz, to name a mere few. How can seventeen covers of a marginally important artist possibly be interesting, you ask? It's all in the technique. For one J Davis Trio turns "There Goes A Tenner" into an acid-hop song; The Aluminum Group manages to turn "L'Amour Looks Something Like You" into its own brand of light Roxy; The Baltimores attack "Running Up That Hill," upping the tempo considerably, fuzzing the guitars to East Bay Ray level (who knew that damn Pac-Man guitar could do it?) and mutating the song with the band's normal level of schizophrenia. Perhaps even more amazing than the fact that this record doesn't suck is the fact that damn near all the culprits will be appearing together at the Double Door. Can't really say what to expect, but if the bands can avoid the pratfalls of too many bands sharing one stage, you can bet that nowhere else in the city can you have such an, um, unique experience.

- by Dave Chamberlain, New City October 8, 1998

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