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How can I get the I WANNA BE KATE CD? The CD is currently out-of-print but can be downloaded from the following sites, just click on the links!

Read fan discussion about the album at the Kate Bush forum here.

http://www.katebushnews.com/trib.htm   You can read an interview about the making of I WANNA BE KATE here as well.

Good guy Sean Twomey's page of Kate Bush News & Information: http://www.katebushnews.com

Gaffaweb-The Center of the Kate Bush internet universe. Everything and anything about Kate and her work. http://www.gaffa.org/

Homeground is the oldest established Kate Bush magazine now in production. Their aim is to provide a service of news and information about Kate and her music, and to provide a platform for review and discussion of Kate's
work on a world-wide basis. Basically, they rock.


Artists on the CD:

The Aluminum Group http://www.mintyfresh.com/alu.thm
The Baltimores http://www.baltimores.com
The J Davis Trio http://www.jdavistrio.com/
The Moviegoers
and Justin Roberts
My Scarlet Life http://www.mcs.net/~msl
Cathrine Smitko http://members.xoom.com/csmitko/smitko.html
Victoria Storm http://ww1.math.luc.edu/~rmb/vika/vsweb.html
Syd Straw http://www.paye.org/sydstraw
Susan Voelz /
Poi Dog Pondering

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