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About the CD - Mistake in the Liner Notes

I noticed with complete horror that I messed up something very important in
the liner notes of "I WANNA BE KATE."  I can't imagine how, but its true.
Upon inspecting the CD's as they came back from the plant, I found that in
the liner notes where I write about Kate, I quote the lyric "The pull of
the bush," as being from 'Army Dreamers, 1980' instead of 'The Dreaming,
1982.' I'm simply aghast and mortified and I beg everyone's forgiveness,
especially Kate's.  Spending a year creating a testament to her influence on a
generation of musicians, it pains me deeply to have missed this error in my
documentation.  If we go into a second pressing, it will most certainly be
corrected.  My most humble apologies to everyone.

Thomas Dunning

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