e q From the virtual desk of Phyllis Eisenstein

From the virtual desk of Phyllis Eisenstein

This page under construction- proceed at your own risk!

Welcome to my home page on the World Wide Web. It might not look like much right now, try coming back later...

Some handy resources for learning HTML include:
* NCSA's Primer
*How to compose good HTML
*Yale's Style Manual
And of course no list of resources is complete without a reference to:
Here's a horizontal rule- some experimental commands follow...

making sub headers

You can enter text any way you like- the viewer will format it into a neat paragraph, auto formatted and will do line wrapping automatically... p and /p

are used to mark the beginning and end of

Paragraphs using br for forced breaks... br
will wrap text where you tell it to... br

It's easy to make LINKS to other places, and to other people's home pages.

At times it's handy to make

  1. ordered
  2. lists
  3. of
  4. items

definition lists:
with definition paragraph is reasonably long but is still displayed clearly and formatted to fit the user's screen display.
definition 2:
definition of term2

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