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Hello and welcome to this site devoted to the life and works of Thomas Hardy. Whether you are a scholar, a student, or you just enjoy reading Hardy, my hope is that you'll find something of value here. I've added some new areas and bulked up some of the existing areas. There's room for anything Hardy here, so any ideas you have regarding this page, its contents, and possible links are appreciated. Please write me with your ideas, comments, announcements, etc.

This site is currently undergoing a major update. After several years off to go back to school, I am now able to turn my attention back to other important things. If you have visited recently and found broken links and other lapses, you will now find them fixed, hopefully. And new content will be added in the very near future. I hope the revamped site helps you in your explorations of the writings and life of Thomas Hardy!


2005 marks the ten year anniversary of this site. I've spent several late-nighters fixing broken links, adding new resources, and generally bringing things up to date. When this site started, there were many many less places to link to, and creating decent html was still possible for a non-pro. I've kept the look of the site the same (though even that is much different from when it first went live) and I've decided to just let this site be what it is and stop attempting to keep up with all the web developments over the past ten years. By clicking on the links and looking around a little, Thomas Hardy's works will come alive for you. Thanks!

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