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Oliver Gugenheim's Home Page.

To contact me try an email to lees(at)ripco(dot)com.

What sort of homepage doesn't include a resume?

A long time ago I used to work at a bank. I learned all about commercial real estate lending. After I was done with learning, and done with banking, I spent some time writing. Here is a copy of the acclaimed Credit Analyst's Primer.

After I was done with banking, I taught myself programming. With respect to programming, this is terrific stuff. You can see some of my code on github. I created Skir and hrorm and some other things.

Otherwise, I'm just like everyone else, I guess. I like books, movies, music, and eating yummy brownies and cake.

The web of 1997 still lives! What happened to the web I knew?

Wikipedia censors the truth about Dean Acheson. And Dale Chihuly.

When Trotsky learned that he had never played a role in the Russian Revolution, he must have known that his death warrant had been signed.
Hannah Arendt
Truth and Politics
Having felt that abyss, I basically said, "OK, capitalism, I have seen your gaping maw, and I want no trouble with you."
George Saunders
The dictums of the economists—that saving can ultimately buy you a better life, that accumulation toward reinvestment ought to be the practice of any rational utility-maximizer—fail to take into account that money means one thing for the rich and quite another for the poor. Poor people's money doesn't work right. It doesn't save, it doesn't invest ... It gets traded in, given away, stolen, lost. Elusive and slippery, you can't put it somewhere it will stay—like a house or a pension plan ... To compare the cash under the mattress of the poor to the investments of the wealthy is to postulate a continuum where there is in fact a radical break.
Kim Phillips
Lotteryville, USA