My Porsche Page
I am not in any way associated with the Porsche Automobile Company
except for the fact that I own a car they built and like it.

At work one day, someone sent me a presentation with the above clip art on it. He did not know that I owned one, he just picked it out of the clipart and said "This one".

The car filled
How many people can fit in a 944? We took out the sunroof and had 7 inside, however, we could have easily gotten 8 inside.

Pictures and instructions on how we added a third brake light to the car. The light is the brightest on the car as evident by the red glow around it.

The snout after a good cleaning

Passenger side
Passenger side.

Pic from behind bumper
A picture in it's normal home.

Pic of motor
A 1983 Normally Aspirated Engine (a dirty one)

Pic of my car on dealers lot
My 944 on the dealers lot... At $4000 I just couldn't pass it up...