Patent, and Other Law

Forgive me for the bald self-interest here, but I think patent law is one of the cooler practices in the legal profession. With the possible (ok, probable) exceptions of civil rights lawyers, family lawyers and those who defend the wrongly accused, patent lawyers arguably have the most impact on humanity than any other type of lawyer. If nothing else, we're part of something constructive rather than what I think of as "neutral" or "horizontal" (transfering assets, organizing entities, etc.), and rarely are part of something destructive. True, I don't count the seconds each morning until I get to work, but I don't count the seconds until it's time to leave either - wrap it up, I'll take it!

Great Moments in Patent Law Literature
I bet you didn't know that patent law and patent lawyers are the secret key to understanding great literature. Read on.

My favorite patent
Some people are partial to U.S. Patent -,---,--- (method for exercising a cat) since it was featured in the New York Times magazine, but this one is closer to my heart (currently in tiff format).

Judge Frank Johnson: An American Hero
Read the truly inspiring story of an unsung hero in our nation's history. It's time to salute the Constitution!

The Verdict Is: Strange
You'll find strange and funny court decisions collected on a number of sites on the web (and the book E Corpus Humourus). Here are a few of my favorites.

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