A Mu-Vable Feast

Here are a few more of Mu's favorite things...

Been Around the World and I-Yi-Yi...
Some boss keen neat links.
A Message to Garcia
A motivational essay by the hard-to-pin-down turn of the century writer Elbert (not L-Ron) Hubbard. This is not a channeling message to the late rock musician (yes, I've been asked).
Gadsby - the original e-less novel
The story of the Mu's quest to find a copy of this legendary book written without the use of the letter E.
A Potpouri of Mail-E
Fun stuff that people have e-mailed to me
The Puzzler
Bored? Next time you're standing in a long, tortuously slow-moving line, try to figure this one out (the puzzle will change periodically - e-mail me for the solution if you need it - winners receive a virtual handshake, a virtual pat-on-the-back, and a warm glow of victory).

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