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About "Home For Christmas" by Jim Diamond Greene

I originally learned "Home For Christmas" almost note for note, the way Kate performed it, guitar and vocals and that version was OK, really. But when I began experimenting with the tune and came up with my own arrangement, I found that I could put more emotion and experience into the vocals and 2nd guitar parts. The tune epitomizes the longing and then joy that one experiences when one learns that that special someone will be with them during a time of year when no one wants to be alone. Listening to Kate's version of "Home For Christmas", its obvious to me that she's been there before, you know, has longed for someone, then became exhilarated upon knowing that together they WILL be, even if only for a few days or so. I hope that when people hear my version of "Home For Christmas," that they come to understand that I have been there as well.

- Diamond Jim Greene

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