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About "There Goes A Tenner" by The J Davis Trio

Before my dear friend Tom approached me about this project, the only thing I knew about Kate Bush was that ballad she did with Peter Gabriel. I had heard he was gonna ask us to be on some compilation. I was so happy to be included on any legitimate project that I remember when Tom asked, before he could get the second word out, I said "We'll do it, whatever it is!" Then when I found out who, I was like "Uh-oh. I have no idea who this person is." Tom gave me a tape with six songs on it and one of them was "Why Should I Love You," Kate's duet with Prince. I decided on the Prince one before even hearing it because I figured since I loved Prince, he would bridge the gap somewhat. When I told Tom, he said to think about "There Goes A Tenner." It really didn't matter to me at the time-one was as good as the other-Now I am so thankful Tom's vision and sense of style steered us in that direction. Looking back I think some of the other ones wouldn't have given us the room to play around as much. Reinterpreting her lyrics helped me to understand and respect Ms. Bush a lot artistically cause its hard to think that shit up!

-Stuart, The J Davis Trio

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