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About "And Dream of Sheep" by Thomas Negovan

"What Kate Bush Means To Me" or, "Blowing The Lid Off The Ron of Japan Myth."

There are bats outside my window as I write this.

"And Dream Of Sheep" is, as you know, a song about drowning. Having never drowned, I felt I needed a reference. It timed out well that after my last visit to our ethereal friends at Area 51 in Nevada I was able to continue on to Hollywood, and the ocean at Venice Beach... but that's a whole other story.

I was able to walk out onto that pier and take what energy and perception of such a strong force of water that I needed; beautiful and terrible, drowning, the most romantic of demises, eternal, and eternally yielding. There are a lot of souls down there.

I had spent a few candlelit evenings in my bathtub under the water, staring peacefully at the shadowed ceiling. This originally helped immensely, but I needed a deeper push before my recording session to stimulate that source... A friend recommended (unrelatedly) a trip to the flotation tanks: (Oh, no!) A confrontation of claustrophobic fears and childhood anxieties; hadn't she seen Altered States?

To end our story, it was a wonderful experience. My less-than-relaxed partner asked, "didn't it scare you to not know where you were?" but I found it immensely helpful to spin myself around repeatedly until I lost the sense of direction I did have.

A pleasantly unexpected sidebar was the curious three-dimensional text that revealed itself to me through a funnel of light, but that, again, is another story.

-Thomas Negovan
October 10, 1998

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