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About "You're The One" by Justin Roberts

Tom asked me if I'd like to contribute a song to the tribute and suggested I choose something from "Red Shoes" since it was not represented yet. He gave me about 4 songs from the record on a tape and the first song was "You're The One." While I thought the song was great, I wasn't too crazy about the 1980's synth production (even though it was recorded in '93). I was thinking of ways to strip the song down to its essence. My first idea was just acoustic guitar and standup bass but when I went to practice with Liam Davis (who I asked to produce it) he suggested fender rhodes, electric bass, and percussion with a trio of backup singers like a 60s soul record. I loved the idea so Liam and I returned to the studio where we had recorded my childrens record and knocked off the song in an evening. Many, many, thanks to Liam, Jackie, Liz, and Stephanie for help making the song possible and to Tom for putting this wonderful project together.

- Justin Roberts

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