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About "Love and Anger" by Trinkets of Joy

Hope...despair...empathy...loathing...the crush...the crash...ahhh, the Rubberband Girls's sonic painting from "The Sensual World" dripping with ambiguity. Kate says this is the song she knows the least about from that album. Emotional? Yup. Spiritual? Could be. Sometimes the stuff comes from who knows where. This track hit me hard on a visceral level the first time I heard it; it stuck with me. It was (I'm ashamed to admit) my first exposure to the artist known as Kate.

When I heard about this tribute record, we decided it would be fun to record it. We did it solely for Tom the producer as a gift, as we understood there wasn't any room left for more songs on the record. Due to cancelations by other artists we are blessed to be included amongst some very talented peers.

Tom, thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this. You are a beautiful human being and we are lucky to have you as a friend. Kate can be proud that someone would go to such great lengths to pay tribute to her music.

- Tommi Zender, Trinkets of Joy          

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