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About "The Kick Inside" by Victoria Storm

I was in the car with my mother in 1985, crabby. Something on the radio caught my ear like nothing before. I turned up the radio and tuned out my mother. Out of the speakers came a voice so unusual, so sensual, so plaintive. I plunged myself into her recordings with a voracious appetite, listening to her cassettes on my little walkman, tuning out my adolescent world. Kate showed me what music was. Kate showed me what being definitive in one's thinking meant. Kate showed me that I could laugh, scream, feel sexy, be angry, and live though music. I remember countless hours sitting at my piano, emulating the beauty and power that I felt from Kate, my most important music teacher.

I approached recording "The Kick Inside" with the intention of simplicity, allowing the beautiful song to sing for itself. I invited the wonderful Blue Turtle Tea Party to provide the groove for me to croon to. We recorded it at Aras (pianist) and Rim's (co-producer) parents' house, using the gorgeous grand piano that they both grew up playing. We recorded it live, then added the finishing touches at the studio.

Kate wrote "The Kick Inside" from the inspiration of an old English folk song, "The Ballad of Lucy Wan", taking the story of the incestuous love relationship between a 14 year old girl and her brother which resulted in pregnancy and her tragic suicide. I love the tragedy, the true and deep love, and the longing to which this tune speaks. There's a part of me that felt like if I sang this song, I could somehow change the ending and save this poor lost soul. I've taken her into my heart, hoping that someday she can see a better way, and I can be her big sister in times of crisis, as Kate was for me.

The lass offed herself anyway. Ho hum.

-Victoria Storm                                                                        

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