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About "Hounds of Love" by The Moviegoers

In the early days of MTV, when I was a kid, I remember sitting there watching old Rockpile appearances and Shoes videos - then here comes this woman all in white with wind blowing at her, squeaking and wailing and bubbling through some song about a guy named Heathcliff. I thought 'jesus who is this chick?' I was sort of terrified and fascinated by the sound of the song. I couldn't really make out the words, but it was obvious that whatever they were, she MEANT them!

It's this sort of drama in Kate Bush's vocals that eventually led me to check her out further--the murky, subdued phrases interrupted by the shimmery high stuff and then the Yoko-shreiky bits. It wasn't until I heard "The Dreaming" that I began to appreciate the way that Kate often pairs a very concrete narrative with sublimated abstraction in mood. I think it is nowhere better showcased than in Hounds of Love, in which the singer clearly states her fear of impending intimacy in the verses, only to break into a delirious, joyful, and terrified sprint in the "here I go" choruses. It reminds me of the way a child runs from a tickling parent, knowing that he/she will be caught. The ambiguity and intensity of the mood in Hounds of Love is what made me choose it for the Moviegoers.

-Liam Davis of The Moviegoers

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