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About "Suspended in Gaffa" by My Scarlet Life

How appropriate that My Scarlet Life has ended up working on a song from THE DREAMING. Much --though not all-- of Kate's music WAS my dream for many influential years. Her LPs were a fount of mystic connection, where I would go to drink regularly. Nourished, inspired --and intimidated!-- I would then begin work on my own expression through sonics. She was one of many teachers I never met (and I'd like to keep it that way --the mythology of Kate is much more important as inspiration to me than the reality of Kate).

I actually found the process of choosing from Kate cuts quite interesting. Upon listening, there were foriegn-sounding songs sandwiched between others I remembered well. Obviously, memory has played some tricks on me. And certain songs "felt" much different today than the many years ago when I first heard them, including the one My Scarlet Life chose to cover: "Suspended In Gaffa".

So, for my part in the process, I tried to work from the re-activated memory of my original reaction to the song: wonderment and bliss. Where now I found the song a bit shrill and complicated, I tried to pull it toward what Kate has called "The Sensual World", what MSL calls "Earotica." Not that Kate needs our help! --but the goal was to remold and recast the song for these times, and in another band's image. That being done, I'm very happy. And honored to be associated. And once again, there's proof of Kate's ability to inspire.

That Ms. Bush could document her thoughts and feelings as accurately and as powerfully as she did remains an inspiration to me. She's a twinkling goddess-star in my personal heaven!

-Preston Klik, My Scarlet Life     

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