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About Trinkets of Joy

Trinkets of Joy was formed in September, 1997 by multi-instrumentalist Tommi Zender and drummer Larry Brown. Both hail from the southwest (Arizona/New Mexico) although Zender spent his grade school years in Evanston, Illinois. The group is augmented in performance by friends, most notably 16 year old multi-instrumentalist Jonah Kraut, a former student of Zender.

Zender has been doing music since he was "knee-high to a grass-hopper!" Tommi's parents put headphones on him to keep him from crying at 2 months...first stereo at 3 yrs...piano lessons at 4 yrs...first ukelele at 5...you get the picture. Tommi got a 4-track cassette player in the early 80's and it lasted until the making of 'Love and Anger'.

Larry Brown's father played drums and young Lawrence got his first set early on, although he didn't take lessons from Dad. Larry was in marching band and jazz combos during his teens. Larry's other hobbies include billiards, cycling, and collecting hot sauces.

Trinkets of Joy are currently recording their first album, tentatively title 'Just Like Mom Used To Make'. It's release will be late summer/early fall of 1998. They can often be found butchering the classics at Hoot Night at Schubas Tavern in Chicago.

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