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About Mouse

Mouse is:

Jenny McNeilly - Guitar, Vocals
Jackson Wilson - Guitar
Eddie Carlson - Bass
Mac McNeilly - Drums

Mouse was formed eight years ago at Cafe Express in Evanston. Jackson and
Jenny were reprimanded and permanently separated from working shifts
together for talking too much, but not before arranging the fateful first
practice. This practice would also include their co-workers, drummer Alan
Eberhardt and Swedish-American bassist Eddie Carlson, who rounded out what
quickly became a writing and recording machine.

The group was dealt a serious setback when Alan moved to Alabama to fix
knees, but not before they released a single, "Caesar Salad," on Worry Bird
Records, and contributed to two compilation albums. Mouse then went on a
two-year hiatus in order to be reborn from the ashes of themselves, but not
before Jenny married Mac, who would become the next Mouse drummer, but not before they had two children. She forced Mac to quit the Jesus Lizards,
and they proceeded to call Jackson and Eddie to ask if they could play. The rest is history. Rock history.

Mouse went on to write and record a vast library of as yet unreleased material with the generous help and expertise of Steve Albini, which in due time will ensure them a prestigious seat in the Rock pantheon, but not before someone decides to release some of this music.

In the meantime, Mouse has put an end to a self-imposed six-year silence with the release of its cover of Kate Bush's "Coffee Homeground" on the tribute CD - I WANNA BE KATE: The Songs Of Kate Bush. We hope that you enjoy it and that you now want to give us a lot of money, no strings attached, and put a lot of workers to the task of promoting us tirelessly while we continue to do what it is we do best -- write songs about ill-fated military expeditions.

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