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gry arrow International eDiscovery: The IT/Legal Disconnect
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Cloud storage has opened up a world of opportunities, but with it, plenty of compliance issues. With technology racing ahead, is law being left behind? How should we legislate global data? This week we look at the disconnect between law and IT in international eDiscovery. 
The Compliance Challenge
An increasing number of corporations are adopting cloud storage solutions, but with the ever-increasing amounts of data come problems. So what legal challenges does eDiscovery face? Can they be solved? This article discusses some of the main culprits in the eDiscovery compliance challenge. Read the full article to discover more. 
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Your Obligations
A company that doesn't establish an appropriate records management policy places itself at significant risk of court-imposed sanctions if it improperly destroys data or is unable to find and disclose documents. Understand the ethical, legal and practical obligations to be considered when developing a file retention and destruction policy. Find out more here.
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Best Practices
While established processes and instigating records management solutions are important when addressing eDiscovery, they are not enough on their own to avoid potential dangers. This white paper identifies seven best practice considerations to help you in establishing a complete eDiscovery solution. Click through to find out how to avoid eDiscovery pitfalls. 
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