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Intelligent Small Cells >> Big Backhaul Savings
Turning Caching into Cash - Video applications, like YouTube, are driving incredible mobile traffic growth and stressing already overloaded backhaul and radio access networks. Viral videos are a major culprit, particularly when every view request has to be streamed across the entire network. Fortunately, this can be avoided with intelligent small cells. While small cells are needed to quickly add capacity to congested radio access networks or locations with poor coverage, Intel-enabled smart cells add the ability to improve operator operating expenditures (OPEX).






Rethinking the Small Cell Business Model

In general, small cells are deployed to increase capacity in congested or poorly covered locations, and now add reducing backhaul traffic to the growing list of business benefits.

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Light Reading Webinar

Mobile Radio architectures are now evolving to provide operators with enhanced flexibility, capacity, coverage, and scalability.

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Architecting Heterogeneous Networks

When adding network intelligence – either centralized or decentralized – operators have a wide spectrum of options, including a cloud radio access network (C-RAN), a small edge cloud or anything in between.

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Simplifying the Management of Virtualized Network Elements in Telecom

Tail-f provides an abstraction layer between operations support systems (OSSs) and software-based network elements, making it easier for independent software vendors (ISVs) to integrate new software services into existing network infrastructure.

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Software Defined Networking Demonstrated at the Open Networking Summit

ADARA Networks, HP, and Intel demonstrated how software defined networking (SDN) gives carriers more flexibility to quickly change network-traffic routing when service changes are required because this new approach to network architecture allows traditional traffic-management rules to be bypassed.
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Network Virtualization Can Cut TCO In Half

BT, working with Intel, Wind River and other companies, shows how Network Virtualization, using industry-standard servers, could reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by a third to a half, decrease power consumption by more than 50 percent, lower costs at the service edge and significantly improve service agility. Read it now

And the Winner Is...

The Small Cell Forum Industry recognizes Ubiquisys and Intel for small cell technology that adds massive processing power and storage at the edge of the network, opening new opportunities for operators, end users, and application developers. Read it now




Benefits of Consolidating Workloads at the Edge

Consolidate services and packet processing workloads on Intel® architecture to improve subscriber experience, reduce network complexity, and decrease OpEx/CApEx. Read it now




We continue presenting our Communications Infrastructure related technologies such as Wireless Core Network, Wireless Access (Small Cell, Cloud Radio Access Network), Network Edge, Media Processing, Network Security, and more at the following events.




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