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US Smartphone Competition Heats Up

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-    Patent Trolls Beware: US Is Mulling Changes to the Mobile Patent Legal System
Features (Nov 17 2011) Consumer Mobile Services , Devices , Service Provider Strategies
The number of patent lawsuits in the U.S. mobile industry has climbed from just 24 cases in 2006 to 84 in 2010, leading to changes in the legal system, mobile business models and patent licensing, reports PC World. Most mobile phones today require between 70,000 and 100,000 patents, a number that no one company can acquire on its own. While in the past, just a few companies controlled the number of patents and tended to cross-license them with each other, today’s mobile devices are far more sophisticated and require patents from several different types of companies, for example, those with ...

Recent Articles

-    Kindle Tablet? Check. Kindle Smartphone? Next year, report says
Technology News (Nov 17 2011) Devices
Amazon could launch a smartphone in the fourth quarter of 2012, according to supply channel checks performed by Citigroup analyst Kevin Chang.
Facebook and Skype Deepen Integration (Nov 17 2011) Mobile Apps , Mobile Video
Facebook and Skype have broadened the scope of their technical integration to make it possible for two people to do a video chat -- one using the Skype interface and the other using the Facebook interface.
-    Google Music debuts, letting users share tunes via Google+
Technology News (Nov 16 2011) Consumer Mobile Services , Mobile Apps , Mobile Cloud
The Web giant taps its Google+ social network to help users discover music, with three of the four major record labels participating in the service.
-    Sony Cooks Up Plans to Break Into IPTV (Nov 16 2011) Devices , Mobile Video
The TV world may soon go the way of the phone and the music industry: a complete deconstruction thanks to the Internet. The next step may come from Sony. The company is experimenting with an online TV service, according to a recent report.
-    Few AT&T iPhone users fleeing to Verizon or Sprint
AllThingsD (Nov 16 2011) Devices , Mobile Infrastructure , Service Provider Strategies
AT&T was rightly pilloried for its inferior network, but the company appears to have covered most of those gaps before it lost exclusive rights to Apple’s iconic device.

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