Chance to win a $25, $50 or $100 Gift Certificate*!   Learn more on how to win below!

We’re sure that most of you have heard about our Refer a Friend Program – if you haven’t; click here to check it out.  Now that this program has been live for a couple of months, we’ve decided that it was time to stir up the pot and host a Refer a Friend Contest!


Here’s how it will work:

Refer as many people to us as possible starting NOW through April 30th.  The three users who generate the most points at the end of the contest, wins!


1st Place - $100 Gift Certificate – for the user with the most points

2nd Place - $50 Gift Certificate – for the user who comes in second with points

3rd Place - $25 Gift Certificate – for the user who comes in third with points


*Gift certificates valid on Past Boxes Only


During the contest, we will be hosting a current standing chart on our Refer a Friend page that will show the top ten users in regards to total points.  This is to help you keep an eye on your competition and know exactly where you stand.


So what are you waiting for?  Start blowing up your social media networks and refer those friends – the clock is a tickin’!


The Team

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