Cook County ARES Net--Training Segment—2014/05/28

Extra Points Opportunities for Field Day

Field day is coming in just a few weeks, Saturday and Sunday, June 28th and 29th.

The training for this net will be a review of some easy ways to get extra Field Day points. If I waited until the net session just before Field Day, there wouldn't be enough time for you to make plans and arrangements to get the points.

By the way, I am really not obsessing, nor trying to get you to obsess, about your Field Day scores. What's important to me about Field Day is that everyone is safe, that people have an opportunity to participate and learn, and that you exercise your equipment and operating skills. In addition, I hope you will have an opportunity to show ham radio field operations to some new people, whether they are already-licensed club members who happen to be inactive, or people totally new to ham radio. And I hope everyone has some fun. The reason I like to focus on these extra points is that they are intended to provide incentives to do something different or in addition to the main-stream contest-masquerading-as-an-emergency-exercise part of Field Day, and you can do many of these easily, without a lot of investment in time or money, and without disrupting traditional Field Day activities.

There are no new Field Day rules for 2014.

Power Multipliers:

Q Multipliers:

GOTA Station:

VHF/UHF Station:

Bonus points:

  1. 100% Emergency Power: 100 points per TX; max 2000 points. Classes A, B, C, E, and F.

  2. Media Publicity: 100 points. Attempt is sufficient.

  3. Public Location: 100 points. On display to the public. Classes A, B, and F.

  4. Public Information Table: 100 points. Classes A, B, and F.

  5. Message Origination to SM or SEC: 100 points.

  6. Message Handling: 10 points per formal NTS-style message. Maximum 100 points.

  7. Satellite QSO: 100 points. Classes A, B, and F.

  8. Alternate power: 100 points for at least five QSOs without using commercial mains or a petroleum driven generator. Classes A, B, E, and F.

  9. W1AW Bulletin: 100 points for copying the special FD bulletin from W1AW or K6KPH.

  10. Education Activity: 100 points for providing a specific education activity. Classes A and F, and certain club stations in classes D and E.

  11. Site Visit by Elected Government Official: 100 points. As a result of an invitation.

  12. Site Visit by Served Agency Representative: 100 points. As a result of an invitation.

  13. Youth Participation: 20 points per participant age 18 or younger who completes at least one Q. Maximum 100 points. All classes, but limited to 1 or 2 participants for class B.

  14. Web Submission of Entry Forms: 50 points.

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