Northeastern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin
Severe Weather Spotter (SKYWARN) Nets

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Local, County, and Wide-Area Nets

Local, county, and wide-area nets accept check-ins, and reports from individual spotters.

Wide Coverage Nets
County/Location Frequency Organization Periodic Training/Information Net
Northeastern Illinois Emergency Net (covers most of Northeast Illinois)   Northeastern Illinois Communications Association (NICA) Mon 2000
Melrose Park 147.060 S NICA This frequency no longer used.
Wasco 145.350 R-600 PL107.2 (CEEARS) NICA This repeater is permanently out of service. (Source: Bob Hajek W9QBH; 20090421)
Gilberts 146.925 R-600 PL100.0 (FISHFAR) NICA  
Schaumburg 442.900 R+5000 PL114.8 (FISHFAR) NICA  
Malta 442.925 R+5000 PL114.8 (FISHFAR) NICA  
Chicago 442.975 R+5000 PL114.8 (FISHFAR) NICA  
County and Local Coverage Nets
County/Location Frequency Organization Periodic Training/Information Net
Cook County
Maine Township 147.09 R+600 PL107.2 (Glenview-NORA) Maine Township ESDA Sun 2000
Schaumburg Area 145.23 R-600 PL107.2 (Schaumburg ARC) Schaumburg ARC EmComm 1st Thu 2030
Boone County
Boone County 147.375 R+600 PL100.0 (Belvidere)    
DeKalb County
DeKalb County 146.730 R-600 PL100.0 (Malta) DeKalb County ARES/RACES Thu 1900
DuPage County
DuPage County 145.17 S DePage County OEM Wed 2000
DuPage County 155.025 * Emergency Services Mutual Aid Network (ESMARN)  
Grundy County
Grundy County 147.270 R+600 PL107.2 (Morris) Grundy County ARES Wed 2000
Kane County
Elgin 146.79 R-600 PL107.2 (VARA)    
Geneva 145.470 R-600 PL103.5 Kane County OEM Wed 1900
145.270 R-600 PL107.2
443.025 R+5000 PL088.5
443.025 R+5000 PL114.8
Kane County OEM Tue 2100
Kankakee County
Kankakee County 146.940 R-600 PL----- (Kankakee) KARS  
Kankakee County 444.800 R+5000 PL114.8 (Kankakee) KARS  
Lake County
Lake County 147.180 R+600 PL127.3 (Libertyville) Lake County Races  
LaSalle County
LaSalle County (main) 147.120 R+600 PL103.5 (Leonore) LaSalle County ARES Sun 1900
LaSalle County (alt) 145.430 R-600 PL103.5 (Gridley)    
LaSalle County (alt) 146.895 R-600 PL103.5 (Streator)    
Lee County
Lee County 146.970 R-600 PL082.5 (Dixon)    
McHenry County
McHenry County (main) 146.835 R-600 PL091.5 (Woodstock) McHenry County ESDA  
McHenry County (alt) 145.410 R-600 PL----- (McHenry)    
Ogle County
Ogle County 147.045 R+600 PL----- (Oregon)    
Will County
Will County 444.550 R+5000 PL114.8 (Joliet) Will County EMA  
Bolingbrook 147.330 R+600 PL----- BARS  
Joliet 146.820 R-600 PL107.2    
Winnebago County
Winnebago County 147.195 R+600 PL114.8 (Rockford)    
Kenosha County, WI
Kenosha County, WI 224.8 R-1600 PL127.3    
Kenosha County, WI 155.49 * Kenosha County EMA  
Racine County,WI
Racine County,WI 147.27 R+600 PL-----    
Racine County,WI 442.00 R+5000 PL127.3    

Coordination/Liaison Nets and Frequencies

Operations on Coodination/Liaison nets and frequencies are intended for liaison and reports from local and county nets--reports from individuals may be accepted where local net is inaccessible.

Coordination/Liaison Nets and Frequencies
Region Frequency Organization Periodic Training/Information Net
Illinois (Statewide)
Illinois ARES Net (Winter) 3.905 MHz LSB Illinois ARES 1st and 3rd Sun 1630 CT
Illinois ARES Net (Summer) 7.230 MHz LSB Illinois ARES 1st and 3rd Sun 1630 CT
Northeastern Illinois
Liaison to NWS Chicago/Romeoville Weather Forecast Office pending National Weather Service  
Southeast Wisconsin 145.130 R-600 PL100.0 PL127.3 SE Wisconsin Liaison Net  
South Central Wisconsin 147.360 R+600 PL123.0 SC Wisconsin Liaison Net  

NOAA Weather Radio Stations--Northeastern Illinois
KXI-41Crystal Lake162.500
KXI-86Crescent City162.500

To reach the National Weather Service Chicago/Romeoville Forecast Office by telephone (Emergency Use Only):
  815 834 0666 or
  800 681 2972


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