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This area is devoted to information and discussion of the act of collecting itself: how much do these books cost? Where do I start looking for them?

The page will also contain limited records and notifications of upcoming sales and results from such sales when warranted.

Recent Sales:

There was a major sale of Hardy items at Sotheby's in December of 2005, with a good selection of poetry sold.

There was a sale in Dorchester Autumn, 1999, at Hy. Duke & Son.

Where Do I Begin Looking for Hardy's Poetry?

There are several online resources to begin a search for Hardy's poetry. eBay is the popular online auction site where the occasional volume of Hardy's poetry can picked up. For a more formal listing of several bookseller's inventories try Bibliofind.

Recent Catalog Listings and Auction Results:

Sotheby's. Note: Must register to use this function.



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