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The Convergence of the Twain 1912 Hardy granted permission for the publication of this poem commemorating the sinking of the Titanic as a separate publication of ten copies. Most were shipped to America.   $2500.00 for the corrected page proofs.
Song of the Soldiers 1914 This is the first of Clement Shorter's pamphlet publicstions of Hardy's verse. Since no copyright was reserved, many reprints were made.    
Song of the Soldiers 1914 There was an American printing, a Hove edition, printed by E. Williams. They were ostensibly for distribution to soldiers on active duty abroad. This edition is extremely common and may have been pirated. Song of the Soldiers  
The Oxen 1915 Another Hove edition, similarly common. Published in sewn grey papers. The Oxen $150.00
Domicilium 1916 Another Clement Shorter "limited edition" pamphlet. 25 copies were printed and signed by Shorter for distribution among his friends.    
To Shakespeare 1916 The first of Florence Hardy's privately printed pamphlets of her husband's poetry. Limited to fifty copies, they were signed and numbered by Florence.    
Yuletide in a Younger World 1927 Two editions of this pamphlet were printed, one with green paper boards, and one with green paper wrappers. This was the first printing of this poem, the limited edition of 350 copies and the ordinary edition of 5000 copies. It was later collected in Winter Words. Yuletide in a Younger World $2000.00 for an unbound proof-copy.
Christmas in the Elgin Room 1927 This is the last of Hardy's works published in his lifetime. It was published in The Times in December, and this edition, another pamphlet of 25 copies, was printed to coincide with that appearance.   $2250.00 for a prrof-copy


* NOTE ON PRICES LISTED: The prices listed reflect recent sale prices I have seen and recorded from various sources. Book-dealer catalogs, auctions, and online sales are the most common sources used. They are intended to reflect general trends in value for these volumes, not a definitive valuation. As with all collectibles, prices can fluctuate at a moment's notice. I will attempt to update these prices as I receive reliable information. Use them as general guide.


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