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Selected Poems 1916 This is the first collected edition of Hardy's poetry. Published by Macmillan in a run of 2,000 copies. There were reprints in 1917 and 1922. Selected Poems $2000.00, signed copy
Wessex Edition 1912-1931 Six volumes of verse were bound in this important collection: Vol. I - Wessex Poems; Vol. II - The Dynasts Parts 1 & 2; Vol. III - The Dynasts Part 3 & Time's Laughingstocks; Vol. IV - Satires of Circumstance & Moments of Vision; Vol. V - Late Lyrics & Queen of Cornwall; Vol. VI - Human Shows and Winter Words. Wessex Edition  
Collected Poems 1919 Bound to match the 1910 edition of The Dynasts, this collection was published in an edition of 3000 copies. It included all Hardy's poetry through Moments of Vision, though later reprints included the later individual volumes of poetry. Collected Poems  
Anniversary Edition 1920 An American edition which reprinted the Wessex Edition. Anniversary Edition  
Mellstock Edition 1919-1920 Seven volumes of poetry were collected in this edition: Vol's. XXXI-XXXIII comprised The Dynasts; Vol. XXXIV - Wessex Poems & Poems of the Past & Present; Vol. XXXV - Time's Laughingstocks; Vol. XXXVI - Satires of Circumstance; Vol. XXXVII - Moments of Vision.    
Pocket Edition Various The pocket edition is a popular edition which was published for many years. There are various bindings, in both cloth and leather, the leather costing slightly more per volume. The rarest volume of this edition is one of Hardy's poetic works, Winter Words. Pocket Edition  
The Dynasts 1927 This was a deluxe, signed edition of 525 copies finely bound and printed on large paper. Decorated boards and a vellum gilt-lettered spine. An etched, signed frontispience by artist Francis Dodd included.   $900.00 in catalog, $300.00 on eBay.
Chosen Poems 1929 One of the last acts of Hardy's life was compiling this expanded edition of Selected Poems. It was published posthumously. Chosen Poems  


* NOTE ON PRICES LISTED: The prices listed reflect recent sale prices I have seen and recorded from various sources. Book-dealer catalogs, auctions, and online sales are the most common sources used. They are intended to reflect general trends in value for these volumes, not a definitive valuation. As with all collectibles, prices can fluctuate at a moment's notice. I will attempt to update these prices as I receive reliable information. Use them as general guide.


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