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Thirsty Yet?

Now that you've made it this far, why not take a break and have a sip of some Thomas Hardy's ale? If you don't have any handy you can brew up a batch yourself. Here is a recipe I found on the net. Enjoy! [Hardy's Ale picture]

Thomas Hardy's Ale, after a couple of years off the market, is back!. Here is some more information on the new incarnation.

Eldridge Pope Brewery recently changed the name of the division resposible for Hardy's Ale to Hardy Brewery. Click here for more news on the restructuring.

The Malt Advocate has a history of Hardy's Ale, and another site has an article on the revival of Hardy's Ale producing with Dan Thomasson, former master brewer at Eldridge Pope.

Join a discussion of Hardy's Ale.

Sam Adams and Thomas Hardy's Ale duke it out! Other brewers are trying their hands at crafting the distinctive Hardy's Ale taste. The results are debatable.

If you want some appropriate food to go along with your ale, here are some Dorset recipes.

Don't get confused! There is an Australian winery named after a different Thomas Hardy.

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