Satires of Circumstance

Welcome to the complete on-line, hyper-text edition of Satires of Circumstance, Thomas Hardy's 1914 book of poems. The text presented is that of the first edition. There are several notable differences between this version and Hardy's later revisions: changes in order, syntax, and selection. For a detailed discussion of these changes I recommend Purdy's Thomas Hardy: A Bibliographic Study, pages 160-173 and Gibson's Variorum Edition of Hardy's Complete Poems. The most notable differences are the inclusion, in this edition, of "Men Who March Away," later collected in Moments of Vision and the placement of the "Satires," which closed the volume in subsequent editions.

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LYRICS AND REVERIES --XIV. Over the CoffinHer Secret
XV. In the Moonlight"She Charged Me"
In Front of the LandscapeThe Newcomer's Wife
Channel FiringLYRICS AND REVERIES (Continued)A Conversation at Dawn
The Convergence of the TwainA King's Soliloquy
The Ghost of the PastSelf-unconsciousThe Coronation
After the VisitThe DiscoveryAquae Sulis
To Meet, or OtherwiseToleranceSeventy-four and Twenty
The DifferenceBefore and After SummerThe Elopement
The Sun on the BookcaseAt Day-close in November"I Rose up as My Custom is"
"When I set out for Lyonnesse"The Year's AwakeningA Week
A Thunderstorm in TownUnder the WaterfallHad You Wept
The Torn LetterThe Spell of the RoseBereft, She Thinks She Dreams
Beyond the Last LampSt. Launce's RevisitedIn the British Museum
The Face at the CasementIn the Servants' Quarters
Lost LovePOEMS OF 1912-13 --The Obliterate Tomb
"My Spirit will not Haunt the Mound""Regret Not Me"
Wessex HeightsThe GoingThe Recalcitrants
In Death DividedYour Last DriveStarlings on the Roof
The Place on the MapThe WalkThe Moon Looks in
Where the Picnic WasRain on a GraveThe Sweet Hussy
The Schreckhorn"I Found Her Out There"The Telegram
A Singer AsleepWithout CeremonyThe Moth-signal
A Plaint to ManLamentSeen by the Waits
God's FuneralThe HaunterThe Two Soldiers
Spectres that GrieveThe VoiceThe Death of Regret
"Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?"His VisitorIn the Days of Crinoline
SATIRES OF CIRCUMSTANCEA CircularThe Roman Gravemounds
A Dream or NoThe Workbox
I. At TeaAfter a JourneyThe Sacrilege
II. In ChurchA Death-day RecalledThe Abbey Mason
III. By Her Aunt's GraveBeeny CliffThe Jubilee of a Magazine
IV. In the Room of the Bride-electAt Castle BoterelThe Satin Shoes
V. At a Watering-placePlacesExeunt Omnes
VI. In the CemeteryThe Phantom HorsewomanA Poet
VII. Outside the Window
IX. At the Altar-rail
X. In the Nuptial ChamberThe Wistful Lady"Men Who March Away"
XI. In the RestaurantThe Woman in the Rye
XII. At the Draper'sThe Cheval-Glass
XIII. On the Death-bedThe Re-enactment

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