XII. At the Draper's

'I stood at the back of the shop, my dear,
      But you did not perceive me.
Well, when they deliver what you were shown
      I shall know nothing of it, believe me!'

And he coughed and coughed as she paled and said,
      'O, I didn't see you come in there --
Why couldn't you speak?' -- 'Well, I didn't. I left
      That you should not notice I'd been there.

'You were viewing some lovely things. "Soon required
      For a widow, of latest fashion;
And I knew 'twould upset you to meet the man
      Who had to be cold and ashen

'And screwed in a box before they could dress you
      "In the last new note in mourning,"
As they defined it. So, not to distress you,
      I left you to your adorning.'