Hello! My name is Michael. I recently retired from the Catholic school that I taught at for the last 18 years on the northwest side of Chicago. I still work at St. Juliana parish, teaching handbells and assisting with the Children's Choir. I have been a Fine Arts Educator for the past 25 years, and I'm still enjoying every minute of it! I directed full Spring musicals for 17 of those years: AnnieJr!, Honk!, Dear EdwinaJr., Alice In Wonderland, to name a few. Very successful runs, and earned the school thousands of dollars. My other love is my Afro-Cuban drum course which I teach when on demand. I provide all my own equipment. Please contact me if your school is interested! I also like to write music. I find it challenging and demanding. We do quite a few of my pieces at the parish, especially during the holidays.

   My page is currently being revamped. I'd like to add more about my companion pets shortly.


   Some of the things I like to do


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