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AUSAGANANASH (The Yellow Trail)
Length: 15 miles
Approx hiking time: 5 hours

General Information

  1. Trail is marked with two yellow dots and hiker sign. Follow map directions and signs, bring compass. All turns are marked. RED, YELLOW, and BLUE TRAILS do cross each other or travel together. This area has many points of interest.
  2. Trail is open at 8:00 A.M., any day and requires a good 5 hours to hike depending on the ability of the hikers in your group
  3. Churches of all Faiths may be found in all towns in the area.
  4. 1.Camping may be arrange at Rocky Glenn Preserves. Contact the DuPage County Commissioner Wheaton IL or;
    Chicago Area Council
    300W. Adams
    Chicago, Ill. 60606


  1. Trail is opened to all Organized Youth Groups under proper adult leadership of 21 years or older
  2. Scouting Units must hike in full uniform, except in hot weather when Scout or Camp T-shirt may be worn
  3. The entire trail must be hiked in one day
  4. Only those groups who are registered with the trail committee are eligible for the trail award.
  5. All reservations must be made at lest two weeks before your hiking date.
  6. No axe or sheath knives are allowed on the trail.
  7. No defacing of any property. If any is done the entire Unit will lose its awards
  8. All lunches must be eaten in the regular picnic areas. And PLEASE police the area when finished
  9. Boy Scout Units must have local or national tour permits


Registration should be done at least two weeks before your hike date. Applications will be approved and returned to you.


All groups who are properly registered are eligible for the trail awards. Enclose check for trail awards you desire. For repeat hikers a white feather will be attached around the edge of the patches.

Yellow Trail Patch $2.00/ea. Quantity:
Repeat Feather Patch $0.50/ea. Quantity:
Set of all 3 segments $5.00/ea. Quantity:
Snow segment $0.80/ea. Quantity:
Rain segment $0.80/ea. Quantity:
Camping segment $0.80/ea. Quantity: