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The Forest Preserves of Cook County boast of five fine nature centers where the young and the old may learn more about the natural history of our area. We have added the very fine nature center in Pilcher Park of the Joliet, Illinois Park District to round out our Little Woodsmen Nature Trails program.

The Little Woodsmen Nature Trail is designed to give the young a chance to do this. By visiting each of these centers, hiking the nature trails and picnicking in the area, the hike, if they takes the time to read the various signs on the displays, trees, shrubs and grasses will get a first hand knowledge of the area. It will give him a greater appreciation of our preserves, and in turn, we hope they will encourage others to take care of these natural areas.

Trail Requirements

To meet the requirements for the awards offered for your visit to each of these nature centers you must do the following;

Trail Rules and Regulations

You are no doubt aware of the limited space at all the Nature Center buildings. There have been several complaints from the various centers concerning the conduct of some of it's younger visitors. We must insist that the following rules and regulations be strictly observed.