Chicago Portage Trail

Description; Print this sheet to obtain the map for this hike. To understand the history of this area, try to secure a copy of Philip E. Vierling's Pamphlet "A self-guided loop hiking trail to the Chicago Portage National Historic Site", from your local library (this book is also sold by Chicagoland Canoe Base). The hike leader should read it over before doing the hike so they can explain it to their group as they hike the trail.

To hike the trail by using the map: When you leave the parking lot you are at point 1. To reach point 2, proceed to the pump in front of you, not the one on your left, where you will find the trail which will lead you to point 3. From here it is easy to complete the trail with the map. Once you have crossed the railroad tracks you will then hike along the wide patch on the south side of the tracks at a safe distance.

Approximate Distance; 4 miles.

Patch Details;4 inch patch in 7 colors. Light blue background with Erwin Green, Flesh Pink, Grey, Black, with Red lettering and border.

Original Instruction: Sheet 1 scan Sheet 2 scan

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