Big Quarry
Trail begins and ends at Wampum Lake.
  1. Follow parking lot to Thorton-Lansing Road
  2. Go east to Frontage Road.
  3. Take Frontage Road south to 183rd.
  4. Go west to Sweet Woods.
  5. Look for pavilion/shelter.
  6. The trail is a few yards north of the shelter.
  7. Go west and follow trail to RR tracks.
  8. Follow tracks to school street.
  9. Go west to Glenwood Road (sidewalk on south side of street).
  10. Continue west to Gay Ct.
  11. Go North, then follow Halsted to Ridge or 175th st.
  12. Go East over Quarry (World's Largest)

    Trail Length: 10 Miles

    Trail Location: Thorn Creek Forest Preserves

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Trail Map