Installing a third brake light in a Porsche 944
I am not in any way associated with the Porsche Automobile Company
except for the fact that I own a car they built and like it.

What my car looks like with it installed.
(Notice the glow around the new light compared to the old ones... it is the brightest light on the car)

What it looks like thru the rear view mirror
Note: Never try to take pictures thru your rear view mirror while driving.

The parts kit (Note: The kit is Genuine Porsche Parts)

First, keep in mind, I am a software engineer, my helper for the project (my brother) is a electrical engineer. Neither of us are auto mechanics. We did not disconnect the battery before doing the installation although you may wish to.

These instructions come with no warranty implied or expressed, and as always, your mileage may vary.


Parts required:

The kit:

First, find where to position the light:

Next step is getting power to to the light:

Positive Wire:

Ground Wire:



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