Some Worthy Links

Actually most of my favorite links are the typical - salon, slate, nytimes, google, adcritic, amazon, epay [sic], etc. But here are a handful you might not have:

Trouser Press
Trouser Press is a defunct music magazine that did more to turn me on to great music than anything since my old transistor radio. Publisher Ira Robbins uses the site to post his musings and updates on his invaluable record guidebooks. It's on hiatus while he gets a new domain server but should be hopping soon.
If you read the NY Times editorial page you've probably seen their op-ed ads. A bit too left for my tastes but they back their rants and raves with solid research and quality writing.
Mighty Big TV
Funny *and* detailed recaps of your favorite tv shows. You'll wish some of the reviewers were writing the scripts.
Drudge Report
I agree, he's a jerk, but you're doing yourself a disfavor if you avoid his quick-loading, constantly updated, frequently scooping news page. The small bit of editorializing that seeps through via story selection and headlines is a small price to pay.
Project Diana
Project Diana - good collection of human rights resources
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
In the searchable databases you'll find the greatest collection of technological knowledge in the world, and some fun infohunting opportunities to boot.
Online Comics
Comics Page from the San Jose Mercury Press - largest collection of comics online (free but you have to register). Best of all they have Funky Winkerbean!
SAR Data
SAR Data - check out how lethal that mobile phone is.

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