Major Players of the Gods of the Realms


Worshipped primarily in Mulhorand, her absorbing of Azuthís portfolio has spread her worship across Faerun. She is worshipped heavily in Halruaa and venerated strongly in Nimbral and by almost every mage or would-be mage in the Realms. There are burgeoning churches of Isis in the lands west of Mulhorand to the Lake of Steam. She is worshipped every where Azuth was.


Anyone making a reference to having suffered too much or not wanting someone/thing to suffer venerates Ilmater through Faerun. Ilmater is worshiped in places that are considered rough and wild as well as many of the so-called Ďcivilizedí lands. Ilmaterís worship is strongest, and the church is strongest as a result in the Lake of Steam area, Chessenta, the Akranul, Turmish, Sembia, the Moonsea and lands north of the Vast. He is also strong in the Savage North and in Amn. The Church of Ilmater is gaining a lot of influence in Cormyr, the Tunlands, and the Western Heartlands, due to the many problems plaguing those lands. In fact, the city of xxxx xx has grown into a relatively strong theocracy, led by the Church of Ilmater, due to the many people that have fled their pillaged and destroyed lands to seek out refugee there.


Tyr is strongest along the sword coast and the lands north of the Sea of Fallen Stars and very heavily in Tethyr. As a greater god, Tyr is worshipped in almost every corner of the Realms, and even those people who are not members of his church often venerate his name.


Mask has been able to grow strong since he took on the portfolio of shadows in addition to thieves and intrigue. This has brought him significant veneration from thieves, illusionists, shady politicians, and even magic users that are studying shadow based magic spells. Mask is praised by the ultra-secret brotherhood of Shadowwalkers. The Church of Mask has grown strong all around the Inner and Moon Seas, particularly in Westgate, Teziir, Marsember (secretly) Scardale, and Procamper. He is also one of the few gods worshipped strongly and almost pervasively in Amn and Calimshan. He is also very strong in the city states throughout the Vilhon and there have been many reports of Mask manifesting in one or another throughout that area. Maskís worship is growing, albeit quietly, in Nimbral since he absorbed shadows in his portfolio.


Helm is strongest in the Western Heartlands, the Sword Coast, the Vilhon Reach, and in the Shining South. Helmís worship is almost completely lost from the Moonsea, the Dalelands, most of the northern Inner Sea lands, Sembia and Cormyr, and Calimshan. In Amn, his worship is neither gaining nor losing, and has a significant enough worship base to be considered, but it is not the strongest in that region. Anywhere else, Helm may be venerated but little more.


Worshipped in almost every large city across the Realms. Like most of the greater gods of the realms, Lathenderís name is at least venerated in almost every part of Faerun.


Worshipped in almost every large city across the Realms. Mystraís name is venerated by at least every spell wielding mage or would-be mage in Faerun.


Selune is worshipped in Waterdeep, along the Sword Coast, the Akranal, the Vilhon area, Aglarond, and throughout the Savage North. Selune is worshipped by traders and pirates alike and anyone traveling on the open seas, especially up and down the Sword Coast. She is often venerated in all but the most evil of lands.


Tormís worship is definitely strongest in the eastern lands of the Shining South, Tethyr, the northern Sea of Fallen Stars, the Dragon Reach and the Moonsea. He is also strong in Cormyr and Sembia. He is venerated throughout the heartlands and in Amn.


Oghma is most often worshipped in more urban and learned environments. Worship of the God of Knowledge is strong in places like Candlekeep, Cormyr, and the bardic college in Waterdeep is gaining strong political influence there. He is worshipped heavily by the scholars and philosophers in Chessenta and Turmish. He is also strongly worshipped in Tethyr. As a greater god and a friend of the Harpers, Oghmaís name is spoken over most things written everywhere in the Realms.


Mielikki is worshipped very heavily throughout the Savage North, the Dalelands, Sembia, Cormyr, the Bloodstone lands and the Vast. She is important in the Western Heartlands. She is venerated often in eastern Tethyr.


Silvanus is worshipped throughout the Savage North, the Moonsea, the Dalelands, and even in Cormyr. and also throughout the Vilhon Reach, including the Guthmere, the Akranul, Chondath, Tethyr, Amn, and in the wilderness areas of the Lake of Steam. As a greater god, he is venerated in almost every corner of the Realms.


Shar has gained a strong presence in Amn and is directly influencing many of the strong Padishas in Calimshan. Furthermore, as a greater goddess, Sharís name is venerated often during any illicit transaction, happenings at night, or vows made in the darkness all over Faerun. Sharís worship also directly influences many of the independent city-states that make up the Lake of Steam. She is worshipped heavily in the Vast, including Mulmaster. She is also gaining influence in Unther and a small shrine of Shar was dedicated in Mulhorand. A monastery of shar worshipping monks was recently established in the mountains west of Teziir along the Dragon Coast, though the monastery and their worshipping practices is unknown to the rest of Faerun.


As a greater goddess, Chaunteaís name is more often venerated then actively worshipped. Chaunteaís name is spoken to bless anything planted into the ground. Farmers do this over fields, nobles planting gardens, in hopes of a bountiful harvest and in praise of a harvest. The Church of Chauntea exerts more influence in rural communities then in urban areas. Her priests often have insight that directly affects the growing season and the crop in general. She is worshipped heavily in the Dales, the Vast, and the Western Heartlands

Growing (established or new powers) within the Realms


Growing quickly in the south/Thay, Calimshan, as well as the Akranul. His minions and agents are quickly working to infiltrate many governments and merchant factions. These people are usually working in the background, influencing those in power. - Will become a Major Player


Beshaba is most worshipped in the Lake of Steam area and the Northern lands of the Inner Sea. Her name is spreading, mainly to stave off the bad luck that has occurring, where the many debacles are turning life over end, including the Heartlands, Calimshan, and Tethyr. She is also growing in popularity in many of the independent Cities in the Vilhon and along the northern Sword Coast.

Earth Mother (Chauntea)

While an aspect of Chauntea, the Earth Mother is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in more rural regions. The Earth Mother is more of an embodiment of the life and energy all around and she is venerated at weddings, during or after birthing, in praise of young lovers, for a bountiful harvest, for praise of a good meal, or for safety from the elements. Originally only found in the Moonshaes, a moonwell, the essence of the Earth Mother has appeared in Aglarond, in the Chondalwood and in the Guthmere. Will become a Major Player as Isis and the Earth Motherís worship subsumes Chaunteaís.


Primarily a goddess of the good drow, Eilistraeeís worshipping is spreading to most of the goodly races and those good representatives of the traditionally evil races. She is worshipped most strongly along the Sword Coast, particularly in the lands surrounding Silverymoon and Waterdeep. Recently, her faith has spread to the Dales and to Dambrath in the Shining South.

Shaundakul - Could become a Major Player

Worshipped primarily in the Dalelands, Cormyr, and Sembia. His worship is spreading to the Savage North and east ward to the Vast and beyond.

Iyactu Xvim

Iyractu Xvim is a relative new-comer to the Realms, but he is strong because he has picked up much of Baneís followers who abandoned Cyric when that god went mad. Xvim already has a strong following throughout Zhentil Keep and has a strong following with the Zhentarim wherever they are. There is a powerful Church of Xvim in Mulmaster that is tickling the powers-that-be there and as a result, is gaining much influence. Xvim has not quite spread to Thay yet, but is gaining some popularity there.

that region.


Growing as a good of travel on the waves. Particularly popular with honest merchant ships in the Sea of Fallen Stars. Venerated before taking a journey, entering a sea-borne battle, and often in praise of a successful journey.



Tiamat is quickly working to spread beyond Unther while simultaneously taking over Untherís theocracy. She is making inroads in the Cult of Dragon an in places they operate within, however, they are doing so covertly and it is likely, in time, she will dominate the Cultís activities. Ė Will become a major player.


Established but semi-important Gods of the Realms


Cyric Ė is still worshipped by the Zhentarim and throughout the Realms. However, he is losing quickly to less fickle gods who offer as much power as Cyric promises, such as Set, Tiamat, Shar, and even Iyactu Xvim. Cyric is still worshipped by murdres, assassins and those with the most evil and twisted hearts.











Gods with small local areas of worship.

Bast (Sharess)

Bast is worshipped most in Unther and Mulhorand. However, as Sharess, her worship and veneration is becoming a popular fad in large metropolitan areas that have a strong or established upper class. She is worshipped most when this upper class is particularly decadent.



The Prince of Good Dragons is growing in influence. Newly elevated to God status in the realms, Bahametís rise is a direct result of Tiamatís growth. Currently, venerated by good aligned dragons and a handful of small pockets of humans and demi-humans, Bahametís worship is small and localized. Those humans that do worship the Platinum Dragon are warriors, crusaders, and paladins that believe in chivalry and honor. Whether or not Bahamet can grow to rival Tyr, Torm, and Helm with these kind of warriors remains to be seen. For now, his worshippers continue to work alone to stem Tiamatís growth. She however, has the advantage of Untherís population behind her and a good head start in the rest of the Realms.

Velsharoon - Could become major player, especially in Thay.

Palas Athena

Has a small localized band of female knights, warriors, and paladins. Located in Chondath, the Dragonmere, and the Vilhon Reach area.


In the Guthmere, but is moving south through the Shaar and into the Chondalwood.


Kossuthís church has no political influence anywhere in the Realms save in Thay. The city of Bezantur is a theocracy that pays fealty to the Tharchion there. As an elemental god, he is worshipped, in the Realms, mostly in small isolated pockets, or by wandering priests. Worship is small enough to be considered a cult.


As an elemental god, she is worshipped or venerated in almost every large port town along the Sword Coast, the Great Sea, and the Inner Sea. However, most of her places of worship are shrines only and there are less then a handful of churches on the surface of Faerun.


Akadiís faithful have no political or regional power to speak of. As an elemental god, she is worshipped, in the Realms, mostly in small isolated pockets, or by wandering priests. Worship is small enough to be considered a cult.


As an elemental god, he is worshipped, in the Realms, mostly in small isolated pockets, or by wandering priests. Worship is small enough to be considered a cult.


Malarís worhip is almost considered a beast cult. He is a lesser god in the Realms and is the mortal enemy of almost all nature loving gods, including Eldath, Nobanion, Mielikki, Silvanus, etc. He is venerated by most hunters and praised by game hunters and even bounty hunters. Malar is strongest in the Vast and the lands of Thar and northward, where he is seen as the force that makes men stronger and more powerful - real character builder. He is also worshipped heavily in the Shaar and Eastern Shaar where wild game and animals roam in great herds. However, his worship is being threatened by Nobanionís, who is being viewed as more noble and giving than Malarís.

Fading Gods of the Realms

Sune (lesser god)

Suneís worship is confined to those that are most vain or who try to preach the beauty of the world as the strongest most gracious force in the world. Most of the people of the Realms are too pragmatic to pay Sune any notice, except in the larger cosmopolitan areas, and even then her worship is taking a back seat to Lliiraís who preaches fun, happiness, joy, and pleasure, in addition to beauty.


The Artificer is still praised by black smiths and creators. However, in a land where magic is pushing aside mechanics, Gond is vanishing along side. He is viewed more as a blacksmith or carpenter then he is an inventor. Gond is, however, still the state religion of Lantan. Lantan is, as a result, a theocracy/oligarchy led land.


Leira is being worshipped less and less since her demise (?) in the Realms. With the onset of newer gods of magic, Savras, Velsharoon, and Isis, Leira has less of a place in the Realms. Even Maskís portfolio of shadows and subterfuge is taking strength away from any power Leira had anywhere. Even in Nimbral, the land is in a state of chaos as their state religion is being challenged, very strongly. Maskís worship there is on the rise, as is Isisí


Umberlee is usually venerated, more then worshipped, to placate her fury during oceanic and sea voyages. Since she has always been a fickle goddess, this placation was a 50/50 opportunity. Valkurís worship for safe passage is more appealing to those on the water because they have realized that at least Valkur is looking out for them. As veneration of the Bitch Goddess wanes, so too does her (limited) power.

Dead Gods of the Realms



Ao was killed off by reason when he realized the thought of an Overgod, who is in essence a greater god tied only to a single sphere, exerting influence over greater gods that can exist in many spheres was illogical.





Siamorphe is barely worshipped by the elite noble-born anymore as the nobles began to realize that they got their wealth through their own, or their families blood, sweat, and toil. Siamorphe gave them nothing, so they give nothing in return.

Finder Wyvernspur

Finder was being worshipped by the Saurials of the Hidden Dale. Milil has been replaced as Ao has deemed that Finder was just plain silly. All two of the priests of Finder died, not so gloriously, by brigands, and by an aurumvorax.


Ibrandulís worship is all but gone from Caliminshan and has only a handful of faithful in Undermountain.

Everyone Else

Virtually every other god not mentioned here is either specific to a race or is small and worshipped locally in various places.