Spells Granted by Akadi

Major Access: All,Astral,Elemental Air,Healing,Protection,Travelers,Weather

Minor Access: Combat,Divination,Elemental Fire,Water,Necromantic

Title Faith Specific Sphere Book

Level: 1
xxxxx Analyze Balance Divination, Numbers ToM 51
xxxxx Astral Celerity Astral PO:S&M 160
xxxxx Bless/Curse All PHB198
xxxxx Combine All PHB 198
xxxxx Command Charm, Law, Combat PHB 199
xxxxx Create Water/Destroy Water Elemental Water PHB 199
xxxxx Cure/Cause Light Wounds Healing PHB 199
xxxxx Detect Evil/Detect Good Divination, Guardian PHB 199
xxxxx Detect Magic All PHB 199
xxxxx Detect Poison Divination PHB 199
xxxxx Dispel Fatigue Necromantic PO:S&M 161
xxxxx Endure Cold/Heat Protection PHB 200
xxxxx Faerie Fire Weather, Elemental Air PHB 200
xxxxx Firelight Elemental Fire PO:S&M 161
xxxxx Invisibilty to Undead Necromantic PHB 200
xxxxx Know Direction Travelers ToM 52
xxxxx Log of Everburning Elemental Fire, Plant ToM 53
xxxxx Magical Stone Combat, Creation PHB 201
xxxxx Orison All PO:S&M 162
xxxxx Protection from Good/Evil Protection, Guardian, Summoning PHB 201
xxxxx Purify/Putrify Food & Drink All PHB 202
xxxxx Remove/Cause Fear Combat, Guardian PHB 202
xxxxx Ring of Hands/Woe Protection ToM 54
xxxxx Sanctuary Charm, Protection PHB 202
xxxxx Speak with Astral Traveler Astral ToM 55
xxxxx Wind Column Elemental Air PO:S&M 163

Level: 2
xxxxx Aid Necromantic, Combat, Creation PHB 202
xxxxx Astral Awareness Astral PO:S&M 164
xxxxx Augury Divination PHB 203
xxxxx Aura of Comfort Travelers ToM 56
xxxxx Chant All PHB 203
xxxxx Cure Moderate Wounds Healing PO:S&M 164
xxxxx Detect/Undetectable Charm Charm, Divination, Summoning PHB 204
xxxxx Dust Devil Elemental Air, Elemental Earth, Summoning PHB 204
xxxxx Ethereal Barrier Astral, Wrds PO:S&M 164
xxxxx Find Traps Divination PHB 204
xxxxx Fire Trap Elemental Fire PHB 204
xxxxx Flame Blade Elemental Fire PHB 205
xxxxx Heat/Chill Metal Elemental Fire PHB 205
xxxxx Know/Unknowable Alighment Divination PHB 206
xxxxx Lighten Load Travelers ToM 59
xxxxx Obscurement Weather PHB 206
xxxxx Produce Flame Elemental Fire PHB 206
xxxxx Resist Acid and Corrosion Protection PO:S&M 165
xxxxx Resist Fire/Cold Protection PHB 206
xxxxx Restore Strength Necromantic PO:S&M 165
xxxxx Sanctify/Defile All ToM 62
xxxxx Silence. 15' Radius Protection PHB 206
xxxxx Slow Poison Healing, Necromantic PHB 207
xxxxx Speak with Animals Animal, Divination PHB 207
xxxxx Spiritual Hammer Combat PHB 207
xxxxx Watery Fist Elemental Water PO:S&M 166
xxxxx Withdraw Protection PHB 208

Level: 3
xxxxx Animate Dead Necromantic PHB 208
xxxxx Astral Window Astral ToM 63
xxxxx Call Lightning Weather, Elemental Air PHB 209
xxxxx Create/Break Campsite Travelers ToM 64
xxxxx Cure/Cause Deafness/Blindness Necromantic, Healing PHB 209
xxxxx Cure/Cause Disease Necromantic, Healing PHB 209
xxxxx Detect Spirits Divination PO:S&M 167
xxxxx Dispel Magic All PHB 210
xxxxx Extradimensional Detection Numbers, Divination ToM 66
xxxxx Feign Death Necromantic PHB 210
xxxxx Flame Walk Elemental Fire PHB 210
xxxxx Glyph of Warding All PHB 210
xxxxx Helping Hand Travelers ToM 66
xxxxx Hold Poison Healing PO:S&M 169
xxxxx Home Port All Drgn #220 76
xxxxx Know Customs Travelers ToM 67
xxxxx Line of Protection/Destruction Protection ToM 67
xxxxx Locate/Obscure Object Divination PHB 211
xxxxx Magical Vestment Protection PHB 211
xxxxx Negative Plane Protection Necromantic, Protection, Creation PHB 212
xxxxx Prayer Combat PHB 212
xxxxx Protection from Fire Elemental Fire PHB 212
xxxxx Pyrotechnics Elemental Fire PHB 212
xxxxx Remove Paralysis Protection, Necromantic PHB 213
xxxxx Remove/Bestow Curse All PHB 213
xxxxx Repair Injury Healing PO:S&M 169
xxxxx Speak with Dead Divination, Necromantic PHB 214
xxxxx Speak with Sea Creatures Elemental Water Drgn #220 76
xxxxx Unearthly Choir Combat ToM 73
xxxxx Water Breathing Elemental Water, Protection PHB 215
xxxxx Water Walk Elemental Water PHB 215
xxxxx Weather Prediction Weather PO:S&M 170
xxxxx Wind Servant Elemental Air PO:S&M 170
xxxxx Windbearer Akadi Elemental Air F&A 26

Level: 4
xxxxx Calm Winds Akadi Elemental Air F&A 26
xxxxx Censure All PftM 16
xxxxx Circle of Privacy Travelers ToM 76
xxxxx Clear Air Akadi Elemental Air F&A 26
xxxxx Control Temperature, 10' Radius Weather PHB 216
xxxxx Cure/Cause Serious Wounds Healing PHB 217
xxxxx Focus All ToM 79
xxxxx Fortify Healing ToM 80
xxxxx Join with Astral Traveler Astral ToM 81
xxxxx Poison/Nutralize Poison Healing PHB 219
xxxxx Protection from Evil/Good 10' Radius Protection, Guardian, Summoning PHB 219
xxxxx Protection from Lightning Weather PHB 219
xxxxx Reflecting Pool Elemental Water, Weather PHB 219
xxxxx Sea Form All Drgn #220 76
xxxxx Spell Immunity Protection PHB 220
xxxxx Tounges/Babble All PHB 220
xxxxx Tree Steed Travelers ToM 86
xxxxx Uplift All ToM 86
xxxxx Weather Stasis Wrds, Weather ToM 87
xxxxx Windborne Elemental Air PO:S&M 173
xxxxx Winds of Akadi Akadi Elemental Air F&A 26

Level: 5
xxxxx Air Walk Elemental Air PHB 221
xxxxx Anti-Plant Shell Protection, Plant PHB 221
xxxxx Atonement All PHB 221
xxxxx Clear/Clutter Path Travelers ToM 89
xxxxx Cloud of Putrification Elemental Air ToM 89
xxxxx Commune All PHB 222
xxxxx Control Winds Weather, Elemental Air PHB 222
xxxxx Cure/Cause Critical Wounds Healing PHB 222
xxxxx Dispel Evil/Good Charm, Summoning, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic PHB 222
xxxxx Easy March Travelers ToM 90
xxxxx Impregnable Mind Protection, Thought PO:S&M 174
xxxxx Plane Shift All PHB 224
xxxxx Rainbow Weather, Sun PHB 224
xxxxx True/False Seeing All PHB 225

Level: 6
xxxxx Anti-Animal Shell Protection, Animal PHB 226
xxxxx Heal/Harm Healing PHB 228
xxxxx Monster Mount Travelers ToM 102
xxxxx Speak with Monsters All PHB 229
xxxxx Weather Summoning Weather, Summoning PHB 230
xxxxx Whirlwind Elemental Air PO:S&M 176

Level: 7
xxxxx Akadi's Vortex Akadi Elemental Air F&A 26
xxxxx Antimineral Shell Protection, Elemental Earth PO:S&M 178
xxxxx Astral Spell All PHB 231
xxxxx Chariot of Sustarre Elemental Fire, Creation, Elemental Air PHB 231
xxxxx Conjure Air Elemental Akadi Elemental Air, Summoning F&A 26
xxxxx Conjure Air/Water Elemental Elemental Air, Water PO:S&M 178
xxxxx Control Weather Weather, Law PHB 232
xxxxx Gate All PHB 234
xxxxx Hovering Road Travelers ToM 106
xxxxx Impervious Sanctity of Mind Protection, Thought PO:S&M 178
xxxxx Regenerate/Wither Necromantic, Healing PHB 234
xxxxx Shield of the Archons Protection Drgn #205 38
xxxxx Symbol All PHB 236
xxxxx Whirlwind Akadi Elemental Air F&A 26
xxxxx Wind Walk Elemental Air PHB 236