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Articles - James Brusslan

  1. Eminent Domain and Environmental Contamination, Illinois Real Estate Journal (January 14, 2002)
  2. High Court Rejects 'Catalyst' Theory: Momentum Shifts to Citizen Suit Defendants, 32 ENVT. REPT. (BNA) 1349 (JULY 6, 2001)
  3. EPA Cracks Down on Storm Water Violations, Northern Lights (June 2001)
  4. Cities Can Take Control of Cellular Tower Siting - Here's How, Nation's Cities Weekly, November 2, 1998
  5. "Steeling" Environmental Suits from Citizens: The Steel Company Decision and How Congress Can Restore Citizens' Rights, Environment Reporter (BNA), October 2, 1998
  6. Truth in Superfund Settlements: The Courts Strike Back on "Matters Addressed" Contribution Protection, Environment Reporter (BNA), April 18, 1997
  7. Private Citizens' Right to Abate Local Zoning Violations, Illinois Bar Journal, November, 1992
  8. EPA's Green Lights Program Offers Illinois Municipalities Reduced Electricity Costs and Positive Publicity, Illinois Municipal Review, December, 1992
  9. 60,000 Strokes for Different Folks From Sea to Gasping Sea, Chicago Lawyer
  10. Brown Bag Addresses Citizen Suits: So You Thought You Had Standing, ABA SONREEL Committee News Letter, September/October 1998
  11. A Blow to Environmental Suits, Chicago Tribune, March 5, 1998
  12. Federal Amendments to Superfund Law Offer Protection, Illinois Real Estate Journal (February 22, 2002)
  13. Setting a Limit on Environmental Law Suits, Illinois Real Estate Journal (March 2004)

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