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Now stir the fire, and close the shutters fast,
Let fall the curtains, wheel the sofa round,
And while the bubbling and loud-hissing urn
Throws up a steamy column, and the cups
That cheer but not inebriate, wait on each,
So let us welcome peaceful evening in.
--William Cowper

It's remarkable how much variety and history are to be found in the leaves of a simple camellia.
I hope that this page can be a starting point for people interested in learning more about tea.

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Interested in tea, but don't know where to start? Start here. This document answers the most common questions about tea.

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Personal and educational sites

These pages offer a very wide variety of information and links to other pages. Please explore! Featured links are highlighted in gold, and marked with a Image of dot blue dot. Recently added links are marked with a red arrow . new!.

. Kai Birger Nielsen .
. Chinese Teas 101 . Pu-erh.net
. Tea Muse . Maruichi Green Tea Farm
. Interim Books Tea Page . Jer's Tea Page
. Tea in Korea . Shino and Ian's Tea Time
. marta's tea page . Tea Types
. We Review Teas . 1World Chinese Tea
. Planet Tea . Babelcarp: Chinese Tea Term Translator
. new! Green Tea Time (blog)  

Foreign language sites

. Tea Time Club  (Italian) . Le Thé Chinois  (French)

Information on tea and health

Tea Council of Canada Ask Dr. Weil - Benefits of Green Tea?
Timely Topic: TEA, for the Health of It Tea Times - Animal studies suggest tea is a cancer-preventing agent
Why drinking green tea could prevent cancer.  

Commercial sites

Here is a fairly sizable list of vendors with websites. Almost all sell loose-leaf tea and support web-based ordering. Quite a few also sell teapots and other tea accessories.

For a different list see the following site:

To search for a tea merchant near you, consult (What a great idea!)

For food service more generally, see

My commentary is limited to mentioning a couple of my favorite merchants. (I have no ties to them, and am merely a satisfied customer.) I've been particularly pleased with my interactions with Adagio Teas, Upton Tea Imports, Gray & Seddon, and Rishi Tea. Adagio, Upton, and Rishi carry a wide variety of teas from around the world, while Gray & Seddon specializes in China tea. Rishi also carries a considerable selection of tea accessories.

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Special feature:

Adagio Teas

Adagio has stunningly good teas at excellent prices. They also care about presentation: their tea tins are chic and functional, and they carry quite a few teapots of modern design that combine elegance and utility. Check them out, won't you?

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Also featured:

Dream About Tea

Image of dry tea leaves

A brief comment regarding Dream About Tea:

This shop opened recently near me in Evanston, Illinois. It is a charming little place with a fine selection of teas and teaware. It has several tables for sit-down service. The service is excellent. In other words, this is exactly the kind of place I am bound to fall in love with; and it's also the kind of business that tends to close down from lack of customers. So if you've enjoyed this page, and you feel like doing me a favor, give this place some of your business. They do mail order.
(Needless to say, I have no financial stake in the company; I just want them to stick around for a while. And if you do buy something from them, could you drop me a line and let me know?)

Tea vendors on the Web

Image of dot Adagio Teas . Green Teas Guide . Sharkawi Farm
. Admirable Tea . Grey's Teas . Simpson & Vail
. Adventures in Tea . Harney & Sons . Singing Kettle Teahouse
. African Dawn  (Rooibos) . Health to a Tea . Sir Aubrey / White Lion
. Akbar's Teas . Herbal Republic . La Société du Thé
. Alexander's Teas . Holy Mountain Trading Company . Soma Premium Teas
. All Tea . Tea Shop Horaido  (Japan) . Special Tea
. Asian Emerald . Imperial Tea Court . SpecialTeas
. Assam Tea Online . In Pursuit of Tea . Spice Merchant
. Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company . Indian Tea Garden . Stash Tea
. Bamboo Teas . Ippodo-Tea Co., Ltd.  (Japan) . Steeps Tea
. Barrows Tea Company . Jackson's of Piccadilly . Strand Tea
. Barry's Tea . Japanese Green Tea Online . Studio LX  (Tea equipment)
. . new! Just4Tea .
. Bengal Bay . Kaburagien  (Japan) . Swann Teas
. . Kashish Tea . "T"
. Biedouw Valley Rooibos Tea . Kyoto-Yanoen Co., Ltd.  (Japan) . Taiwan Tea Company
. Bigelow . Leaves Pure Teas . Tanganda Tea  (Zimbabwe)
. . Lipton . Tata Tea Limited
. Blue Moon Tea . Liquid Meditation . Tea Centre of Stockholm  (Sweden)
. Body of Mine . M & P's Tea . Tea Chest
. Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse . MacNab's Tea Room . Tea Concepts
. The British Express . Mariage Frères . The Tea Guys
. Canada Creek Tea Merchants . The Metropolitan Tea Company . The Tea House
. Capital Tea . Miranda Teas . The Tea Junction
. Cargo and James . Montana Tea & Spice Trading . The Tea Shop
. Celestial Seasonings . Montego Rooibos Herbal Tea . The Tea Source
. China Mist Tea Company . Mrs. Kelly's Tea . The Tea Store
. Chinese Tea . Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd. . Tea Time
. Clipper Teas . My Cup of Tea . Tea Time Garden
. Coffee & Tea Warehouse . Necessiteas  (Yixing teapots) . Tea Trader
. Coffee Tea & Thee  (Tea and tea equipment) . Nothing But Tea  (UK) . The Tea Tree
. Coffee-Tea-Pots-Cups.com . Notting Hall . Tea With Grace
. Country Coffee & Tea . Numi Tea . Tea4Free
. Coy o'Teas . O-cha.com Green Tea . Tealuxe
. new! ESPemporium, A World of Tea . . Teaology
. CrimsonCup Coffee & Tea . The Oolong Tea Store . Teas Etc.
. Culinary Teas . Paper Street Teas  (formerly Teanas) . Teas of Green
. Dalcott . Peet's Coffee and Tea . TeaSpring.com
. Den's Tea . Penelope's Tea Time . Ten Ren Tea and Ginseng Co. Inc.
. Dilmah Tea . Premier Brands . Todd & Holland Tea Merchants
. . . new! Tommy's Tea
Image of dot Dream About Tea . Prettywood Tea Company . TopQualiTea
. Drolma's Treasures . Qi Botanicals . Turton Tea
. Drury Tea & Coffee . Quartermaine Coffee . Twinings
. E—teas  (UK) . Red & Green Company  (Yixing teapots only) . Twin Rivers Tea
. Emagein Tea Company . The Republic of Tea . Unexpected Pleasures
. Far Leaves . Revolution Tea Company Image of dot Upton Tea Imports
. Fine Formosan Teas Image of dot Rishi Tea . Venalicia Tea
. FionasFancy.com . Riston Teas . Virtuous Teas
. Floating Leaves . Royal Dynasty Tea . Mark T. Wendell
. . Sally's Place Tea . Whittard of Chelsea
. The Fragrant Leaf . Same Old Grind . World Consortium
. Fun Alliance . Savara Group's Gourmet World . World Merchants
. Golden Moon Tea . Scarlet Tea . Yixing.com
. Grace Rare Tea . Sensational Teas . Yixing Teapots Online
Image of dot Gray & Seddon . Shan Shui Teas .

Foreign-language commercial sites

. Le Palais des Thés  (France) . Thés de Luxe  (France) . Kaburagien  (Japan)
. Betjeman and Barton  (France)

Vendors of samovars

Russian Samovars The Russian Shop
Sovietski.com SpecialTeas
Venalicia Tea  
Electric Samovars  


Ambassador Tea  (Wholesale exporter) My Gourmet Tea  (Wholesale/Retail)
Interim Books tea bibliography A rooibos page
The Book of Tea, by Kakuzo Okakura Eating China  (includes section on tea)
Coffee and caffeine Drinkmaster Drinkpac
  NutraSanus.com (Health supplements including green tea)
Ethnobotany.com  (Tea plant seeds) Drink-Water.com
The evils of tea (and the virtues of beer) Dr Stuart's Teas  (Tisanes only)

Any comments? Let me know!

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