Image of headbangers

<img src="" width="400" height="300" alt="Image of headbangers" title="WOOOOOO!"></img>

Thumbs-up picture

<img src="" width="450" height="300" alt="Thumbs-up picture" title="Terrific!!"></img>

Keep Clam and Carry On

<img src="" width="315" height="700" alt="Keep Clam and Carry On" title="Keep Clam and Carry On"></img>

Image of National Review Cover

<img src="" width="196" height="259" alt="Image of National Review Cover"></img>

Image of ceramic

<img src="" width="450" height="450" alt="Image of ceramic" title="Keep fucking with me you little bastard...">

Image of knife

<img src="" width="300" height="300" alt="Image of knife" title="CRM16-12LE">

Image of Casablanca parody

<img src="" width="600" height="453" alt="Image of Casablanca parody" title="Buckethead">

Image of note from neighbor

<img src="" width="701" height="510" alt="Image of note from neighbor" title="Note from neighbor">

Image of Caillou

<img src="" width="262" height="258" alt="Image of Caillou" title="Caillou">

Image of monkey

<img src="" width="231" height="190" alt="Image of monkey" title="Monkey">

Image of receipt

<img src="" width="284" height="468" alt="Image of receipt" title="We apperciate your bussiness!">

Image of Beanie Baby

<img src="" width="64" height="64" alt="Image of Beanie Baby" title="Niles the camel">

Image of Toad

<img src="" width="437" height="354" alt="Image of Toad" title="Bang! The sled hit a tree.">


<img src="" width="380" height="512" alt="Sweatpants" title="Pink">

Juicy logo tee

<img src="" width="216" height="270" alt="Juicy logo tee" title="Juicy">

Image of Rage Boy

<img src="" width="409" height="286" alt="Image of Rage Boy" title="Rage Boy">

Great Service 'Is' Point One

<img src="" width="640" height="480" alt="Great Service 'Is' Point One" title="Great Service 'Is' Point One">

Me wearing shemagh

<img src="" width="472" height="387" alt="Me wearing shemagh" title="Down with bad things! And up with, uh, good stuff!">

Image of Celine fan's car

<img src="" width="640" height="480" alt="Image of Celine fan's car" title="My Car Will Go On">


<img src="" width="159" height="102" alt="Image" title="Wax my anus!">

Image of Nouveau Vie treatment center

<img src="" width="160" height="220" alt="Image of Nouveau Vie treatment center" title="Nouveau Vie">

Image of birds

<img src="" width="600" alt="Image of birds" title="They're not just tits, they're great tits">


<img src="" width="552" height="87" alt="Sign" title="Ye Olde Dough-Nutte Shoppe"></img>

Quotation from Sir Mixalot

<img src="" width="390" height="99" alt="Quotation from Sir Mixalot" title="Baby Got Back"></img>

Image of Chana Masala and Chat Masala

<img src="" width="209" height="169" alt="Image of Chana Masala and Chat Masala" title="Chana Chat"></img>

Image of badly bruised shin

<img src="" width="640" height="480" alt="Image of badly bruised shin" title="Badly bruised"></img>

Screen capture

<img src="" width="389" height="272" alt="Screen capture" title="I don't want to hear it anymore"></img>

How vulgar!

<img src="" width="600" alt="How vulgar!" title="How vulgar!"></img>

Image of Chris Roberson

<img src="" width="480" height="640" alt="Image of Chris Roberson" title="Me as t'ai chi ch'uan instructor"></img>

Image of CD cover

<img src="" width="640" height="480" alt="Image of CD cover" title="HOT Canadian Dance Trax!"></img>

New Year's Rockin' Eve '78

<img src="" width="300" alt="New Year's Rockin' Eve '78" title="New Year's Rockin' Eve 1978!"></img>

Image of Bela Lugosi

<img src="" width="257" height="196" alt="Image of Bela Lugosi" title="Bela Lugosi mike drop"></img>

This is bad.

<img src="" width="560" height="576" alt="This is bad." title="This is bad and you should feel bad."></img>


<img src="" width="500" height="333" alt="STAAAAAAAAHP UGH" title="STAAAAAAAAAHP. UGH."></img>

Image of woman dancing frenetically

<img src="" width="306" height="356" alt="Image of woman dancing frenetically" title="Crazy dancing"></img>

Cat thinking 'Oh snap!'

<img src="" width="480" height="452" alt="Cat thinking 'Oh snap!'" title="Oh snap!"></img>