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  • Running The Voodoo Down  (unperson / Phil Freeman)
  • Another Perfect Day  (unperson / Phil Freeman)
  • Logonorrhea!!!  (William Ham)
  • Naz Nomad's Obfuscation  (Naz Nomad)
  • From Here to Obscurity  (Hayden)
  • The Free View  (Lance Brown)
  • His Bosses Didn't Like Him So They Shot Him Into Space  (Melpster)
  • The Part Time Concubine's Journal  (Lysana)
  • Here Be Monsters  (Phil Nugent)
  • Vitamin B Glandular Show  (Elston)
  • Moonshine Mountain  (Scott Von Doviak)
  • Wrapped Around The Present  (Greg T.)
  • No More Mister Nice Blog  (Steve M.)
  • One Reporter's Opinion  (Andy Axel)
  • Ludic Log  (Leonard Pierce)
  • Oily Rags  (Austin)
  • My Journal, Or: Thing to Do When There's Nothing Else To  (Noel Vera)
  • Ill-Sorted Ephemera  (Julie Beth)
  • What The Hell Am I Doing Here?  (Maggie O.)
  • A violently executed blog  (aclipscomb)
  • Junk Culture  (Raleigh Roule)
  • Dutcher  (Dutcher)
  • The Weasel and the Damage Done  (Dreamweasel)
  • Strange Interlude  (David Rothschild)
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  • Spidra's Vortex
  • Ethknow  (Spidra Webster)
  • Finest Kind  (DJ JOE INC)
  • Gus Sheridan's Cave
  • Pop Heaven  (Lee Caulfield)
  • Noel Vera's Movie Reviews
  • Links to PF Music on the Web

  • Trouble Down South
  • Maggie Osterberg
  • Flux In A Box (Download the mp3)
  • Kepler
  • Raleigh Roule's mp3s
  • Spidra Webster (1)
  • "Natal Day" (by Spidra Webster)
  • Music To Fit
  • Mark's Page O'Fun and Oddness
  • I Spit On Your Groove

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