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Confidential Report

For Your Eyes Only
Subject: Byrd Mann                                Oct. 31st, 1995
Clan: T.B.D.
Sire: T.B.D.

Born: Wednesday, June 26th, 1957
Embraced: On or About the night of September 15th, 1995
Age at Embrace: 38 years old


Information gathered determines that it was normal, with the exception of rapid growth.1  This brought about the usual taunts of other children.
Along with his gangliness, the local toughs found him an easy target for their amusement, especially so because the boy was a pacifist - he would not fight.2

During these years, he developed an unusually gifted sense of humor, retelling jokes, anecdotes and more noteworthy - becoming an incredible mimic. We have encountered school files that recount stories about his range in this field: from topical political figures to television and movie stars to animated "cartoon" character voices. We've found also that he used these talents to fend off the daily beatings of these local punks and that it eventually developed into demands of him to entertain rather than persecution because of his unusual height and weight.


A "Side Effect", so to speak, of this early development was that although he showed all the signs of having an extremely high Intelligence Quotient ("IQ"), his passion for schoolwork ebbed as his desire to perform increased. Records show that he regularly "skipped" classes to hang out in the school auditorium's backstage - eventually working his way into the school's theatrical troupe. The records also indicate that his saving grace from expulsion from the school is that his teachers found it hard to flunk him as he would "Ace" class tests while not turning in the required homework assigned in classes. He attended all four years of High School, yet never earned more than a grade-point-average equal to a second year attendee. We also noted in city files that he in fact graduated in his third year by taking a "General Equivalency Diploma" test unknown to the faculty of the school. We feel we should note that the School he attended was named Lane Technical School and that he may have a good working knowledge of the Sciences.3

As for the theatrics, he was apparently a quick learner, picking up such abilities as you'd find in any thespian of the Legitimate Theatre, i.e. mastering "make-up" and the various forms of emoting.4,5
He seems to have taken to this rather well note that he very rarely "shows his true self", but rather prefers to stay "in-character" to those around him. Also of note: It was mentioned more than once that he was subject to withdrawing into "his own little world" - shutting out those that would normally be welcomed openly. One observation reported that he was very much the chameleon, adapting to whatever group he was with or whatever situation. "A pretender of worthy note"(sic) stood out as a comment.


Lacking "on paper" a good education, he found work in menial albeit "white collar" positions, eventually segueing to a position at a small AM radio station working the overnight shift as an overnight disc jockey.6

One of our retainers found two newspaper articles that mention the subject: The first reviews the subject directly, referring to him as a "Jewel in the Night" for his consistent entertainment of the late night listener and the second article mentions him only in passing, primarily reporting on the death (unsolved) of the Station Owner and the destruction of the station facilities.7 The station closed permanently.

Finding a saharan availability of local situational opportunities, our subject found and landed an advertised position out in Las Vegas, Nevada and began working a four-hour afternoon shift at the smaller AM station that broadcast during daylight hours and consisted mainly of business and financial reports. He eventually supplemented his meager income by waiting tables and getting employment as a lounge entertainer mostly at filthy dives that hired non-union labor. Due to lack of any information, it appears he he spent upwards of two years doing this.8 After this time it seems that life may have started going his way.

Spending less time waiting on tables and more time appearing on stage, he eventually developed a following that would come and see him regularly.
It comes to our attention from well placed sources that more than a few of these attendees were well known Kindred. As far as we can tell, the relationship between the mortal Byrd and the Las Vegas Kindred was purely that of audience and entertainer, nothing more.

Recent Past:

Late in 1993, our Las Vegas sources inform us of what they termed "all hell breaking loose again" -their idiom for an extremely angered Prince Collin MacGregor. They recounted to us that a local Malkavian got wind of our subjects exploits and being that he was established for many years as a theatrical and entertainment agent, began to attend these performances, gaining a great interest in said subject.9

In the early part of 1994, the Malkavian, one Murray Meier, persuaded the subject to sign with his agency. Needless to say, Meiers representation made life and his career worse. As soon as a following of regulars would build, or the subject started making a name for himself, Meier would pull him from the venue and book him in some out-of-the-way watering hole to start the process over again. We know he worked in Reno and other small towns in Nevada, but we cannot determine if he was booked out of the state.10,11
"All hell" broke loose again in September of 1995, though no one that we had reliable contact with could give us an accurate picture of what took place, so we present two scenarios that we conjecture through piece-meal information as to what might have taken place:

Scenario One: The Subject may have had enough and tried to break from Meiers managing and dissolve the relationship. It's possible that Meier may have embraced him to keep him under his control.

Scenario Two: It's possible that the subject may have been the unknowing instrument of the local Toreadors revenge - pay back for the years of Meiers mismanagement or interference.

Resulting Consequences: 

Prince MacGregor learned of this event within a night and immediately sentenced Meier to Final Death. There was no trial, just a judgment and execution.12
His consent to embrace was not given as per the Third Tradition.
Prince MacGregor also decreed Final Death for the result of Meiers transgression, namely our subject.
At this point the trail of the subject disappears. We do know that he in fact made it out of Las Vegas, through the wylds and back to Chicago.

Our Conclusions: 

Prince  and his people know very little about our subject, or they're not telling if they do. Further, we surmise that someone in Las Vegas must know of him... we cannot fathom that he got out of there alive and back to Chicago on his own, much less with enough funds to allow him to set himself up in a modest haven. Try as we have without drawing blood, he still befuddles us as to his clan affiliation. Either he is a very sane Malkavian, or he is a crazy member of another clan as per his multiple personalities and zany antics.

Thank you for your business,
Trevor and Yllich
TrYll Investigations

P.S.: Yllich still believes that a live infant lupine is not an unreasonable request as payment for services rendered. He asks that you please reconsider.


1.  Reportedly reached full height of 6'1" by age 14. -Tr
2.  This trend is reported to have lasted until his sophomore year. -Tr
3.  For our more aged Elders, we note that "Technical" is a kine euphemism for engineering.
    Not like a locomotive, but mechanical and chemical manipulations. -Yl
4.  At this point of our investigation, we wondered why the Toreador had not picked him for
    their own. Or even later for that matter. -Tr
5.  Or did they? -Yl
6.  More evidence of Engineering skills? -Yl
7.  The Radio Station was located two doors away from a well known Garou Cairn.
    You might recall the last days of Prince Lodin? -Tr
8.  Either he is extremely patient and persistent, or a masochist. -Yl
9.  Apparently Murray Meier thought it a great prank to direct the artistic fates of Kine
    and Toreador alike. -Tr
10. Again, extra-ordinary patience and persistence mixed with optimism, or a masochist? -Yl
11. Why he stayed with Meier, one can only guess. Herded? -Tr
12. Meier seems not to have had any good friends. At least ones that would stick their necks
    out and speak on his behalf.

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